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About Us

A Friendly school having proud of their students

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S. R. International School is dedicated to Late Smt. Shakuntla Devi & Radheshwari Devi. This school comes under the umbrella of Late Smt. Shakuntla Devi Trust built in the memory of Late Smt. Shakuntala Devi & Radheshwari Devi. Both respected ladies were highly intelligent as well as considerate. Their desire to start an educational institution was brought into reality by Shri. Abhishek Singh.

About LOGO

The Logo of S.R.International School denotes an aura of excellence and richness in its presentation. The four Dots that are on the each side of the logo stand for the four great values of commitment, excellence, innovation and dynamism. In the middle, the name of the school stand as the acronym SR. Under the name SR, the red color petal expresses the commitment that the institution has towards the society in providing the best education for its all-round betterment, whereas the blue petal denotes the social values on which the organisation thrives. Together, both the petals enfolds the human stick art which denotes every pupil at school and altogether, the white background suggests the spiritual strength on which the institution stands.


Vidya Shankar Singh

Founder Member

Mina Singh



To be a professionally managed premier institution within all judging parameters that provides an environment which nurtures excellence, holistic growth and prepare the students for a better society making them a global citizen by developing lifelong learning skills


S.R.International School aims to provide an exciting all round education to create global citizens through traditional values of love, empathy, respect and discipline.

  • To enable the students to achieve their dreams
  • To provide academic excellence to have wonderful career prospects
  • To widen the intellectual horizons of students through global exposure in Arts, Science and Curricular Activities
  • To foster independence of mind and spirit through guidance


E - Excellence

M - Methodical

I - Innovation

N - Natural

E - Efficiency

N - Noble

C - Commitment

E - Empathy


S.R.International School is the most immaculate location and the optimum platform to transmit quality education through holistic approach. The school, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in complete picturesque environment, provides a clean and conducive atmosphere for children to learn. The infrastructure, with all modern amenities, offers the students a very comfortable environment to stay and learn. Besides providing comprehensive education intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically S.R.International School offers guidance in critical thinking, social openness and purposeful research. Students are given an opportunity to develop their innate talents as well as to be aware of national and global issues. Home Assignments are given to encourage and develop independent study skills and to complement particular fields of study. A home task timetable is issued to all students who are required to complete the work assigned by the subject teacher. Limited strength in the class allows the teachers to pay personal care and attention to the children and help in monitoring all aspects of progress and welfare of the children. Regular parent meets are organized to oversee children's progress S.R.International School is young, youthful & lustrous. Since its inception, it has developed into a high seat of learning, imparting quality education, generating competent pupils to face the scientific, technological, managerial and social challenges in the fast evolving global scenario with a high degree of credibility, integrity, ethical standards and social concerns. Education at S.R.International School is like a multifaceted crystal cornucopia of academics, sports, spirituality, creativity and imagination. The state of the art infrastructure, in the ever prevailing functional discipline imparts mental peace for children's growth. Besides sheer academics, the children learn the genuine importance of being organized and methodical in their work. Our students learn from the experienced, dedicated and tremendously talented faculty, who challenge, inspire, encourage and nurture the tender minds to reach greater levels of perception. There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities on daily basis. Music, drama, sports, art and various other club activities give children a wide range of choices that appeal to different interests and skills. S.R.International School has rightfully bagged the reputation survey conducted by our management team. The survey was based on infrastructure, Teaching pedagogy and most important words of praise by the delighted parents and students.


  • To install values / Life skills among the students.
  • To ensure English communication among staff and students.
  • To improve the quality of services to all the stake holders of the school.
  • To improve the health and welfare of the students teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • To provide better result oriented competitive exam coaching.
  • To work towards introduction of NCC in the school.
  • To conduct the hobby classes for the development of skills.
  • To ensure academic progress of each and every student through Weekly Test and Monthly Test.
  • Working towards professional growth of teaching and non through training.
  • Improvement of overall safety of students.
  • Publishing books written by the students.
  • Efficient management of Transport
  • Sensitivity of environment.
  • Reading habit to be developed.
  • Counselling for all the Parents


  • Difference gives us competitive edge and more scope for development and innovation. So here at S.R.International School we strive to be Different!
  • S.R.International School is a different Organization working for the benefit of the society in the National interest
  • S.R.International School is a learning & learner cantered school focussing on experiments and trends in Linguistics, Humanities, Sciences and Management up to Senior Secondary Level
  • The rich cultural heritage of India has to be imbibed in children to protect our cultural wealth. In this regard every child is taught the VALUES (Sanskar) mainly focusing on Yoga, Mediation, Suryanamaskar, Pranayam& the Slokas
  • S.R.International School has a fully equipped Sports area having expert coaches in various games and athletics for the development of the mind and the body
  • S.R.International School is situated in a lush greenish location and Zero pollution area.
  • S.R.International School has a World Class Physical and Intellectual Infrastructure making us 'An Academy of Excellence'.

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